We are just one week away from open BETA! You are all invited to attend on October 6th @ 1:00 PM EST. The IP of the server will have changed by then (we are in the middle of switching hosts), so we will inform you of the IP as soon as we receive it.

This BETA will be...different. This BETA could last a long time; it could possibly be months before we actually release. Here’s why: NaW is flawed. It’s failed well over four times. We want to make changes to the game mode that are not game-changing like those of 1.8 NaW last year, but we want to make changes that make the game quicker, easier to understand, and most importantly, keep players on the server. The server will be released as 1.10 NaW with slight changes such as a change in just a few special weapons, as well as reduced damage with bows while on horse, scrolling over a weapon to see its statistics, and more. We want to refresh everyone with the game mode (since we haven’t played it in almost a year) so we can accurately take suggestions in what needs to be removed, edited, or added. This explains why we need to take our time with the BETA before we move onto the final version of the server. It can take weeks for us (you and our team) to come up with a new game mode, and then to code that perfect game mode it can take months. The more helpful suggestions that you guys make, the quicker we can get the 1.13 server to you guys.

Yes, I know what you’re all immediately thinking. Will weapons be saved when we switch to the final game mode? Will armoury items transfer over as well? Well, unfortunately, not everything can and will be transferred over. Armoury items will most likely be the only thing that will be transferred over. It’s simply not possible for us to transfer weapons, stats, achievements, or anything else over once we do release on 1.13. However, the more hours you play on our 1.10 server, the more skill points you will earn. Here’s how it’s currently planned: for every 5 hours you play on the server, 1 skill point will be awarded to you on the 1.13 server. Donators will not get more skill points on the 1.13 server since this system is based on online time and not your multiplier amount. On top of this, players who play over 50 hours on the 1.10 server will receive 3 weapon keys on the 1.13 server.

All ranks will still have their perks, such as Bomb Spawn, wolves, etc. This means you can still purchase ranks during BETA and you will still get perks for it. These ranks will transfer over from the 1.10 server to the 1.13 one once we do release it. On top of this, we are also going to reduce the amount of sales we have. We will have one for our BETA, and no other ones afterward are planned or likely. What does this mean? Take advantage of our sales while they are here!